ECO Philosophy

Provide an educational resource to students, teachers, faculty, and staff interested in learning more about recycling, composting, energy conservation, and other local environmental issues.

Provide a choice to dorm residents by seeking to make existing dorm recycling, composting, and energy conservation programs as user-friendly as possible.

Provide an example of how one can reduce waste, cut down on personal energy use, and integrate a global concern over environmental issues into daily living.

Provide internship opportunities for interested students to work within sepcific college offices on Dartmouth's waste reduction programs.

Provide a framework for interested students to learn more about what one can do to minimize his or her ecological impact at Dartmouth and beyond.

Evaluate and improve upon the success of Dartmouths waste reduction programs.

Allow the direction, training, and philosophy of ECO to be continually re-evaluated and revised by ECO Reps.