The Dorm Rep Program

Every floor of every dorm, greek house, and affinity house has an ECO representative that is responsible for emptying floor recycling bins (waste warriors) into larger bins in the basement or first floor, as well as posting weekly bulletins in the bathrooms or bulletin boards. Coordinating the floor representatives are three rep heads, who are responsible for sending out bullentin information and helping out new reps.

If you are interested in becoming an ECO rep, please blitz the rep head for your building.

Current ECO Rep Heads

Jon Petkun Wheeler, Richardson, New Hamp, Topliff, RipWoodSmith, East Wheelock, Panarchy, Amarna
Phuong Lots of Other Places
Ashley Hetrick Mass Row, Hitchcock, Butterfield, Russell Sage, The River

Rep Notes

As a floorrep, you might also want to print off signs for the waste warriors and Explanations of what can be recycled.

Weekly Bulletins

Jan 25-31 Water Usage Download Coming Soon
Feb1-7 Greenprint Download Coming Soon