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Information about individual student projects can also be obtained on the research pages. Prospective students (both undergraduate and graduate) are encouraged to visit the Prospective Students pages. Phone numbers and email addresses can be found by clicking the link to each student's personal web page. Ph.D. students are denoted by an asterisk.

Samuel Beal*

Research Interests: I am in interested in how analytical chemistry can be used to assess environmental risks like heavy metal contamination and to answer environmental questions as in paleoclimatology.

Life Interests: I enjoy downhill skiing, mountain biking, eating, movies, and reading.

Why Dartmouth? The Earth Sciences department is welcoming; the professors are available and helpful; and the laboratories are state of the art (multiple mass spectrometers!).

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Evan Dethier

Naixin Fan

Research Interests:  My research interest is to use interdisciplinary approach analyze the problems in Atmospheric Science. The main method is stable isotope which can used to trace the history of the climatic and environmental change. I mainly focus on climate change and atmospheric related problems in arctic region.

Life Interests: Tai chi, guitar playing, movie, basketball, badminton

Why Dartmouth: I choose Dartmouth because it is a excellent environment to do research. the small and supportive Earth Sciences department provide a variety of field trip and it is also a good place to share your idea.

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John Gartner*

Research Interests : I am a fluvial geomorphologist, with a bent for investigating the interactions between geomorphology, hydrology and ecology. For my PhD dissertation, I am researching the effects of dams and managed rivers on sediment transport, floodplain processes and riparian habitat.

Life Interests : I like exploring the northeast with my wife, Julia, and I enjoy just about any outdoor sport, like climbing, skiing, biking and hiking.

Why Dartmouth?: Dartmouth provides access to pursue whatever interest you have in earth science and its cognate fields. Join us!

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Alexandra Giese*

Research Interests: Broadly speaking, I am interested in glaciology and climate science.  I find the ice dynamics and stability (past, present, and future) of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet particularly fascinating and am involved in a project examining the deglaciation history of the Ross Sea.  After exploring climate-related issues in the NGO world for two years, I remain interested in effective science communication and cross-discipline approaches to addressing environmental problems.

Life Interests: Doing just about anything outside (especially rock climbing, trail running, and hiking), singing, and trying out new vegetarian recipes!

Why Dartmouth? A small, tailored program; the IGERT fellowship; supportive faculty; fieldwork; a growing polar community; and abundant outdoor opportunities.  Dartmouth seemed to have a balance of everything I was looking for!

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Research Interests: My research interests stem from my love of polar environments.  Specifically, I am interested in the intersection of physical and biological processes, especially in their interaction in controlling landscape evolution in areas dominated by glacial activity.  I am also dedicated to science education and communication, and I hope to share my research with many audiences throughout my time at Dartmouth.

Life Interests: Outdoor activities, including hiking, backpacking, back-country skiing, and canoeing; playing the cello and listening to live music; cooking and eating delicious local food; reading; origami; and knitting.

Why Dartmouth?:  The IGERT program, with its amazing opportunities for polar fieldwork, community of polar scientists, and focus on interdisciplinary research; the small and supportive Earth Sciences department; the beautiful location of the Upper Valley, which provides so many opportunities for outdoor adventures!

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Margaret Jackson

Research Interests:  I'm interested in the mechanisms that impact climate and climate change and how these shifts may be reflected in the glacial record.  My research involves reconstructing past glacier extent in central Africa in order to determine the timing and magnitude of past change, and comparing these changes to records elsewhere in the tropics around the globe.

Life Interests:  Ice hockey, languages, television, holiday edition Reeses cups, politics.  

Why Dartmouth?:  Outstanding research opportunities and faculty support, as well as a great community of grad students.

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Ben Kopec*

Research Interests: I am interested in stable isotope geochemistry to observe changes in hydrological and climatologic processes particularly in the arctic environment.

Interests: Snowboarding, hiking, biking, fly fishing, kayaking (pretty much anything to do with the outdoors), hockey, baseball, and all kinds of live music.

Why Dartmouth? The Earth Sciences department is a great group of students and faculty alike. It is a small department where the faculty are very supportive of student research which provides incredible opportunities. Also the outdoor activities are endless!

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Laura Levy*

Research Intrests: I research past climate change in Greenland by studying how glaciers have fluctuated since the last glacial maximum by using surface exposure dating and lake core records. I'm also interested in science communication and enjoy participating in events where I can share my science with others.

Life Interests: Horseback riding, backpacking/hiking, baking vegan treats, crossword puzzles and hanging out with my dog.

Why Dartmouth?: Arctic research (there's a lot of it going on here!), the Dartmouth IGERT program (http://www.dartmouth.edu/~igert/) , and faculty who are supportive of graduate student research. (And New Hampshire is a beautiful place to live!).

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Research Interests: I am interested in isotope geochemistry and how it can be used to understand barite distribution in the Marcellus Shale.

Life Interests: Singing, running, and baking cookies and cakes.

Why Dartmouth?: The small department size, great research opportunities, and location.

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Bingjie Ouyang

Thomas Overly*

Research Interests: Polar Geography; Glaciology; Remote Sensing/GIS; I'm interested in interaction between scientists and Arctic residents to produce a richer understanding of the impacts of climate change.

Life interests: climbing, skiing, photography, cooking, thinking geographically.

Why Dartmouth?: The opportunity to study the Polar regions geographically. Physcial geography in Bob Hawley's Glaciology Lab and cultural geography at The Institute of Arctic Studies.

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Annie Putman

Research interests: I'm interested in using isotopes as tracers in climate change studies.  In previous, this was applied to various analyses of secondary organic aerosol.  In the coming year I will be applying this to hydrogen and oxygen isotopes to understand measured precipitation in the artic.

Life Interests: My interests include cooking, local food, outdoor adventures like hiking, running, climbing, camping, nordic skiing and swimming and my quiet time hobby is watercolor. I love to read for pleasure, entertain guests at dinner parties and play card games.  Also, I like to travel and hope to plan some awesome global trips this year.

Why Dartmouth? The combination of top-notch faculty and research facilities and the opportunity for outdoor adventure, especially winter sports, drew me to the EARS program at Dartmouth.  I look forward to a fun and productive masters!

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Justin Richardson*

Research Interests: My research focuses on the biogeochemistry of metals in forest soils and how human activities have perturbed these systems. The metals I am most interested in are mercury, lead, and cadmium. 

Life Interests: I enjoy hiking the awesome New England trails and swimming in its gorgeous ponds. I love the trout and bass fishing in New Hampshire. For a hobby, I manage a few terrariums and aquariums. I also play the piano and dabble with music composition.

Why Dartmouth?   Dartmouth College has a prodigious amount of resources  available to its graduate students, it is situated in a great location, and everyone is truly kind and knowledgeable.  The Earth Science faculty are experts in their respective fields and have outstanding opportunities for their students. 

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Ji-Hye Seo

Research Interests: I am interested in the origin and formation of soils in the Atacama Desert, northern Chile, using isotope geochemistry.

Life Interests: Playing flute, beading (jewelries), paper crafting, painting, driving, and sleeping

Why Dartmouth? Dartmouth offers great research opportunities, good community, friendly atmosphere among students and faculties, and fun outdoor activities.


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Justin Stroup*

Research Interests: My focus is using glacial and lacustrine records to
understand and evaluate mechanisms for climate change. As part of my
research, I employ cosmogenic and radiocarbon dating techniques to
understand the timing of glacial changes.

Life Interests: I am passionate about almost anything that has to do with
being outdoors (hiking, paddling, skiing and climbing, first come to mind).
I also enjoy wood working projects and building cedar strip canoes

Why Dartmouth? There are tremendous new opportunities for climate change research and great facilities. In addition, the faculty and graduate
students are friendly and excited about their work.

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Kristin Schild*

Research Interests: My research interests lie in understanding the ice dynamics of outlet glaciers in greenland, alaska and antarctica through in situ measurements and satellite remote sensing.  My Masters work focused on determining the environmental controls for terminus change of 5 major outlet glacier in Greenland.  My PhD work will focus on understanding the subglacial hydrology of one of those glaciers, Jakobshavn Isbrae.

Life Interests: I enjoy traveling, being outdoors, ice/rock climbing, kayaking and listening to any type of live music.

Why Dartmouth? the faculty are fantastic and the research is cutting edge, not to mention the graduate environment is fun and supportive.

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Matthew Schley

Research Interests:  My primary interests are in open channel hydraulics and environmental fluid mechanics, specifically as they relate to sediment transport and channel behavior.  I also have a particular interest in the ever-growing field of river and stream restoration.

Life Interests: Anything outdoors! You can usually find me playing sports (football, soccer, tennis, volleyball - you name it) or hiking/camping/rock climbing.  Otherwise, you'll probably find me in the kitchen working on some strange new culinary creation while jamming out to some of my favorite music!

Why Dartmouth? Dartmouth has everything you could ever want, all built into one fantastic graduate experience: top-notch faculty, state of the art facilities, and a surrounding academic and adventure-based atmosphere that is nothing but an enormous playground for the brain and body alike!

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James Voorhis

Research Interests: In the past I've researched models of foreshock occurrence along the San Andreas fault and studied the mineralogy of the Cannon mountain cliff, in Franconia Notch, New Hampshire. At Dartmouth, I study the mechanisms of redox reactions occurring at mineral surfaces.

Life Interests: Climbing things - especially *big* rocks and frozen waterfalls!

Why Dartmouth?: I came to Dartmouth Earth Science because of three things - the community in the Earth Science department, the interesting set of research foci that community cultivates, and the vast outdoor playground right out the back door.

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Gifford Wong*

Research Interests: I'm a "townie-turned-beaker" with an interest in glaciology and paleoclimatology. I hope to someday inform those that make policy to create more-informed policy; I hope to investigate the role of glaciers within the climate change conversation. My last bit of research dealt with ice core chemistry as it related to "frost flowers" in the Southern Ocean.

Life Interests: Outdoor pursuits, eating, sports, service and education.

Why Dartmouth?: Why not? Dartmouth offered a surprisingly complex blend of new and old, reputation and potential, research and extracurricular ... it was
hard to pass up!

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Dominic Winski


Research: My research interests center around the relationship between the atmosphere and cryosphere.  I am concerned with how changes in climate affect glacial mass balance and the physical and chemical properties of snow.  I also collect and analyze ice cores from alpine glaciers to learn about the history of temperature and snow accumulation.  My current work surrounds an ice core record from Mt. Hunter in the Alaska Range.

Life: Whenever possible I enjoy spending time in the mountains.  I like to hike, camp, and climb and I feel much more at home in the woods than I do in town.

Why Dartmouth: I had the good fortune to have attended Dartmouth as an undergrad.  I enjoy the rural setting and I spent a lot of time in the earth science department and knew ahead of time that they are a great bunch of people to work with.  When my advisor approached me with the of working with him on an ice core project in the Alaska Range I knew it would be a fantastic opportunity and a perfect fit for my interests.

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