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Stable Isotope Lab Facilities

Principal Investigator: Xiahong Feng

Lab Supervisor: Anthony Faiia


The Stable Isotope Lab has two gas-source isotope ratio mass spectrometers. Isotopic ratios of the elements carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, and sulfur can be routinely measured. Converting a natural sample into gaseous form requires either manual preparation offline or the use of a peripheral device. The lab has glass vacuum lines for manual sample preparation and five peripheral units which automate the preparation of samples and input directly into a mass spectrometer. Types of samples that have been analyzed include water, DIC, snow, soil, soil gas, wood, cellulose, compound specific organic extracts, hair, fish, insects, and carbonates. In addition to the isotope ratio instrumentation, the lab has a DOC/DIC analyzer, a particle size analyzer and hosts glass-blowing facilities.

Mass Spectrometers Peripheral Devices
Delta+ XL H-Device
Delta+ Advantage Gas Bench
  Carlo Erba EA
  HP 5890 + GCC Interface

Laboratory Research Topics:

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