Letter to George Herbert
December 20, 1798

Yes George, I go, I leave the friend I love,
Long since 'twas written in the books above
But what, Good God! I love you, so I say,
The thought distracts my soul, and fills me with dismay
But Heaven decreed it, let me not repine
I go, but George, my heart is knit with thine
In vain old time shall all his forces prove,
Is tear my heart from the dear friend I love.
Should you be distant far as Afou's sand,
By fancy pictures, you'd be near at hand.
This shall console my thoughts, till time shall end
Thou George be absent, George is still my friend,
But other friends I leave, it wounds my heart,
To leave a Gilman, Conkey, and a Clark
But Hope, though the sad thorugh, my soul, shall bear
Bereft of hope, I'd sink in dark despair.
When Phoebus a few courses shall have run,
And e'er old Arius shall receive the Sun,
I shall return; nor more shall fear the day,
That, from my friends, shall take poor me away,
Others roll on, ye lagging wheels of time,
Roll on the hour, till then, Dear George, I'm thine.


Let love and friendship reign
Let virtue join the train
And all their sweets retain,
Till Phoebus' blaze expire;
Till God, who rules on high,
Shall rend the tottering sky,
All nature gasping die,
An Earth be wrapped in fire.

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