Letter to Samuel Ayers Bradley
February 16, 1801

Friend Bradley,

Indulge my [soluiture] in inquiring for your health. How are you? Are you still stretched on the bed, or are you about the streets, tripping, whistling, dining; or approaching with [] the vast volumes of Law? Say, where are you? How are you? Where is Boston? Ah, yes, where is Boston? Shall we drive it off the peninsula by gazing as if this counts? My Father concluded to set out for Hanover, with his two sons, in twelve days, so our hopes (my hopes) of seeing the Metropolis of N. England this season have vanished, like the ghosts of Virgil, in tenues auras. However, I hope with you there or somewhere else, sometime or other.

Remember, if you will, to the family I could not visit when at Concord. The compliments of any body borne by yourself will be acceptable to your cousins. That's my consolation. If I can pilfer a day or two before I set off for Han. I shall spend them at your left hand, if you are well, or your chamber if you are confined.

Yours, sick or well-
Daniel Webster

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