Letter to James Hervey Bingham
January 17,1801

Hanover, January 17,1801.


--On the eve of departure from Hanover devote a moment to him whose residence here renders Hanover agreeable. Next Monday, health permitting, I set out for Salisbury, not blessed, as the last year, with the company of my Hervey. No event worthy of remembrance has transpired since you left us, except the ill health of brother Shattuck, who has been unwell a number of days, but is recovering. I have had a letter from C. Gilbert, dated at Brookfield. " After a tour of two or three hundred miles," he writes, " friend Upham and myself arrived here." Bliss is pedagoguizing in York State, the other honorable senator I have not heard from.

Fanny and Dan. took a ride to Lebanon the other day, and I felt the magic of friendship increased by conversation. She would be remembered to you. Mr. Bing. is so, without variation I have an invitation to accompany a gentleman to Boston, perhaps I told you, which I think of accepting. Carey suites to Ripley that he shall leave his school in Salem in April. Salem! Enchanting name! Who would have thought that from the ashes of witches, hung a century ago, should have sprung such an arch coquette as should delight in sporting with the simplicity of

Dan'l Webster.

Do write me immediately; send to Hanover or Windsor, and then by mail to Salisbury. A letter from Hervey always carries joy to the bosom of Daniel. Good-bye; may you be blessed of the Lord.


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