Petition on the Appointment of a Professor of Divinity
May 20, 1801

Dartmouth College May 20, 1801.

Honorable President of Dartmouth College,

By presenting the following petition to the respectable Board of Trustees, at the next anniversary meeting, you will highly oblige the undersigned petitioners.

Honorable Trustees,

Deeply impressed with the importance of the sublime doctrines of our benign religion, and prompted by an ardent desire of becoming more particularly instructed in its principles, we, the subscribers, students of Dartmouth College, humbly request your consideration on the establishment of a Professor of Divinity; And if, under existing circumstances, it is found agreeable to the view of the Honorable Board, and consistent with the honor and interest of this University, we, humbly, and earnestly, petition, for the appointment of a Person, whose particular province shall be to officiate in the important office of a Professor.

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