The Interviewers

All Dartmouth Vietnam Project interviews are conducted by undergraduate students. Students spend several weeks learning about the theories and foundations of oral history, conducting research about the Vietnam War, developing strong interviewing skills, and becoming familiar with digital recording equipment. A cross-curricular team of faculty, archivists, librarians, and technologists guide students through this experiential learning initiative. After studying the origins and ethics of oral history, observing oral historians in action, and delving into primary source research, students create interviews with members of the Dartmouth community who experienced the Vietnam War years first hand.

The Dartmouth Vietnam Project interviewers for 2017–2018 are:

Paulina Calcaterra '19
Karen Cao '19
Clara Chin '19
Ali Hunter '19
Rachel Kesler '19
Claire Rafson '19
Walker Schneider '19
Samantha Stern '19

Past interviewers for The Dartmouth Vietnam Project are:

Bryan Bliek '18
Emily Burack '17
Riley Carbone '18
Andrew Carothers '17
Hannah Chung '16
Riley Collins '18
Sean Connolly '16
Emily Cummings '17
Paul Danyow '16
Patrick Dellinger '17
Chileta Dim '17
Emily Everhard '18
Sandor Farkas '17
Bradley Geismar '17
Sara Harris '18
Timothy Harrison Jr. '16
Ellen Li '17
David Mannes '17
Hannah Markowitz '18
Angela Noppenberger '17
Joshua Pearl '17
Anne Reed-Weston '16
Elena Ridker '16
Emily Smid '18
Hannah Solomon '17
Alexa Sonnenfeld '17
Leigh Steinberg '18
Benjamin Weinstock '17
Maximilian Wieland '17