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Dartmouth Riding Center
PO Box 351
Etna, NH 03750
Phone: (603) 643-1808
Fax: (603) 646-1405

Friends of Dartmouth Equestrian

The Friends of Dartmouth Equestrian was formed by a group of alumni who enjoyed riding at Dartmouth. Non-alumni users and supporters of Dartmouth Riding Center are involved as well. The aims of the Friends are to help Dartmouth Equestrian in these ways:

  • publicizing the Dartmouth Equestrian Teams within the Dartmouth community and in our local communities
  • helping to identify friends, relatives and others who might want to become supporters and participants in Dartmouth Equestrian equestrian activities
  • providing volunteer and financial support for special projects
  • inviting donation horses or equipment to enhance the riding programs

If you are interested in becoming a Friend of Dartmouth Equestrian or wish to make a tax deductible donation, please contact Sally Batton via e-mail or at (603) 643-1808.

Dartmouth Riding Center Wish List

Through the years, Dartmouth Riding Program alums and other friends have asked if there are any specific projects that they can fund for Dartmouth Riding Center. The following is a wish/dream list which is followed by a "practical equipment" list of actual items that we need. Items on both lists are tax-deductible (but may not receive Alumni Fund credit). In past years, the Friends of Dartmouth Riding Center have helped fund a number of projects: The George and Nora Graham dressage arena, hot water and horse vacuum in the washstall, and, of course, the office/tack room addition including "Oscar's Room," funded by Gordon and Virginia Williamson.

  • Indoor Arena Mirrors: A gift would allow us to purchase and install side mirrors in the indoor arena to replace the old cracked mirrors.
  • School Horse Tack Sets: Some of our school horse saddles are in need of replacement. A gift would outfit one school horse with a new saddle, saddle pad, bridle and grooming kit. We have 10 school horses.

Practical Equipment List:

  • 50 horsepower tractor with front bucket
  • PTO-Driven Rototiller

Last Updated: 7/24/14