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The Wolfgang Schlitz Adventure Fund exists to encourage all undergraduate members of the Dartmouth Outing Club, regardless of prior involvement but contingent on future involvement, to plan and go on outdoor adventures which the Directorate finds to be in the spirit of the Club. The Fund is not intended to cover all expenses of a trip but instead to reduce costs enough to make the experience attainable.


Download the Schlitz Fund Application (PDF, 72KB) to print out.

The Schlitz Fund is open to any undergraduate student member of the Dartmouth Outing Club. Students may apply any number of times, but may only receive funding once. A group of students may apply together as long as costs are delineated per individual. Funds must be intended for use before the end of the fourth term before graduation (ie. before the end of junior summer for most students) so that recipients have adequate time to give back to the DOC community.

Applications should be submitted to the DOC Directorate before the third meeting of the term. Applications will be reviewed by the Schlitz Fund Committee and applicants must be present at the committee meeting to answer questions and discuss their proposal. Applications recommended for funding by the committee will be reviewed by the Outdoor Programs Office with input from the Risk Management Office for final approval.

Applications should contain the following information:

Preference will be given to proposals with detailed trip and risk management plans, a clear plan to give back to the DOC, and proposals which demonstrate attempts to get funding from other sources (especially DOC member clubs). Preference may also be given to proposals which might provide positive publicity for the Club, proposals with tighter schedules and specific goals, and the financial needs of the participants (though financial aid status documentation should not included in the proposal).

A sample application

Download this Sample Application for an idea of what is expected... or something.

Funds Disbursement

On approval, each trip must be approved by the DOC expedition safety review, a subcommittee of the Safety Committee. Once that is completed, each participant must complete this form.

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