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Dean of the College
6003 Parkhurst Hall, Room 111
Hanover, NH

Student Academic Support Services

A centralized undergraduate advising system,
striving to provide holistic advising to all students.

Did you know there are many people at Dartmouth who will be working to support your academic and personal success? These dedicated and caring professionals, from several different advising offices, form an integrated support network, centralized and energized, ready to provide information, advising, encouragement, and assistance.

There will be many remarkable things occurring during your college career, and at least a few things that are confusing, challenging, and just plain hard. But please know - and remember - there are as many remarkable people waiting to support you through these transitions as there are moments of discovery and exhilaration in your future.

The offices within Student Academic Support Services can assist you with all sorts of things including:

  • Building a core schedule
  • Engaging with the curriculum
  • Managing your time
  • Improving your academic performance
  • Making new friends
  • Building co-curricularconnections
  • Finding your place at Dartmouth
  • Managing a personally stressful time
  • Understanding what the "D-Plan" really means
  • Experiencing our diverse community

Studying in Sherman House

One thing is certain: The earlier you come to see us, the sooner we can begin to connect and support you.

Take the time to visit the offices within Student Academic Support Services to learn how they can assist you throughout your time at Dartmouth.

Last Updated: 8/10/11