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Dartmouth in the News

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"Dartmouth College President James Wright announced a range of cost-cutting measures ... Dartmouth's move follows similar cutbacks by Harvard, Columbia, Boston University, and other institutions that are facing steep declines in endowments" (The Boston Globe, 11/13/08). Dartmouth expects to "have fewer employees in the coming years, but they were committed to supporting those affected through the transition. They also announced a freeze on outside hiring and delays in certain projects, and they asked for student, staff, and faculty input on how to cut the budget" (The Chronicle of Higher Education, 11/13/08).

In "What happens to Sarah Palin now?" (Reuters, 11/05/08) Linda L. Fowler, professor of government, says a drop in oil prices could make Palin's job as governor tougher, jeopardizing her high approval rating in Alaska. "I think there will be a different environment for her in Alaska both because of the national exposure, which won't necessarily be positive, and because the internal politics of the state will probably change," Fowler wrote.

"Dartmouth's admissions office takes military experience into account," reports The New York Times in "Combat to College" (11/02/08). The article notes, "Last year, the council [American Council on Education] started a program to provide individualized college counseling to seriously injured veterans at military hospitals. The program was the brainchild of James Wright, the president of Dartmouth, who has led efforts to bring more veterans to college." Wright also appeared with Samuel Crist '10, a former Marine, on NPR's Here and Now for a segment titled, "The Few, The Proud, The College Bound" (10/27/08).

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Last Updated: 7/24/18