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To our readers:

It has been my privilege to edit Dartmouth Life over the past several years, working closely with the Office of Alumni Relations and others across campus. Our goal is to bring you a "snapshot" of the exciting things Dartmouth faculty, students, alumni, and staff are involved in here on campus and around the world. As is sometimes the fate (and good fortune) of an editor, I've become involved in a story (see "Fit for a King," p. 4)—so involved that in September I will move to a new position at Dartmouth as executive director of the Dartmouth—American University of Kuwait Project.

I made my first trip to Kuwait in 2007 to take part in the ceremony that graduated the new university's first 10 students. It was an honor to be a part of that moment. It was a greater honor to come back to Hanover knowing that Dartmouth was engaged in a cross-cultural initiative of such significance. The American University of Kuwait (AUK) is inspired by Dartmouth's dedication to teaching and its focus on undergraduates. It provides a liberal arts education to students in the Persian Gulf and elsewhere in the Middle East, while offering Dartmouth students and faculty unparalleled opportunities to study and conduct research at an evolving university in a key part of the world.

It is no easy task to build a new university. But with Dartmouth as its model, and with the growing participation of faculty, students, and staff at both institutions in this important effort, AUK is off to a wonderful start.

Thank you for everything you've done to make editing Dartmouth Life so exciting and rewarding.

Laurel Stavis

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Last Updated: 8/20/08