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Wen Xing

Wen Xing

Robert 1932 and Barbara Black Professor in Asian Studies (Chinese)
B.A., Nanjing College of Food Economy; M.A., Nanjing Normal University; Ph.D., Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

  • Joined the faculty of Dartmouth College in 2008

Academic Interests

  • Excavated early Chinese manuscripts, Chinese intellectual history, Chinese art and art history

Selected Courses

  • Chinese 44.1: Chinese Martial Arts Fiction
  • Chinese 44.2: Modern Chinese Poetry
  • Chinese 54: Classical Chinese Poetry
  • Chinese 62: Chinese Calligraphy
  • Chinese 63.01: Chinese Painting, Poetry, and Philosophy
  • Chinese 82: Chinese Calligraphy and Manuscript Culture: Orchid Pavilion

Selected Publications

  • Early China 35-36 (2012-2013), Guest Editor (Berkeley: SSEC & IEAS, 2013), pp. xiv + 512.
  • "The 'Judgment' and 'Judge' of Chinese Calligraphy," Chinese Calligraphy 245 (September 2013), 176-177.
  • "Disproving the Authenticity of the Bamboo Slips Collected at Zhejiang University," series articles, Guangming Daily, May 28, June 4, June 25, and July 2, 2012.
  • "A Reexamination of 'King Wen Developed the Book of Changes.'" Philosophical Researches 2011.3, 47-56.
  • "The Fragmentary Bamboo Version of Tang Le and the Sanfu Rhapsody in the Warring States Period." Bamboo and Silk 1 (2006), 429-444.
  • "A Theory of the Five Monk Painters." Jiangsu Pictorial Art Monthly 1992.8, 6-9.
Early China Written on Bamboo and Silk Tombs, Texts and Transcriptions