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Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Languages and Literatures



Miya Qiong Xie

  • Joined the faculty in 2017

Academic Interests

  • Modern and contemporary Chinese and East Asian literature and medial culture, colonial and post-colonial literature, frontier studies, translation studies, gender and sexuality, trauma studies.

Selected Courses

  • Chinese 62.04: Beyond the Great Wall: Frontier in Traditional Chinese Literature
  • Chinese 61.04: Modern Chinese Literature Across Time, Space and Media
  • Chinese 43: Fourth-Year Chinese

Selected Publications

  • “Linguistic Hybridity, Transnational Connectivity, and the Cultural Territorialization of Colonial Literature: On the Case of the Manchukuo Chinese Writer Gu Ding,” in Manchukuo Perspectives: Transnational Approaches to Literary Production, Annika A. Culver and Norman Smith, eds., Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2018, forthcoming.
  • The Unspeakability of War Rape: Literary Representations of War Rape during the Sino-Japanese War,” Harvard Asia Quarterly, Fall 2014, 42-9.
  • “Interview with Geoffrey Hartman,” Cambridge Literary Review 5 (2011), 153-74.