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Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Languages and Literatures



Major and Minor


Major options in the Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Languages and Literatures (DAMELL) are available for students who plan to pursue the study of Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, or Japanese language and literature.

The DAMELL curriculum is also designed to accommodate those with a broad cultural interest in China, Japan, or the Middle East, and those students whose future career aspirations necessitate their learning the languages, and gaining a familiarity with the general cultural backgrounds of the people of these regions.

Within the chosen major/minor, the student's individual program should be conceived in consultation with a professor in their area of focus (Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, or Japanese). The major card itself must be signed by the Chair of the department.

Majors must either write an Honors thesis (for those who meet the entry requirements for the Honors Program) or take an advanced seminar or Independent Research course to fulfill the culminating requirement in the major.


The minor has the following requirement:

  • six (6) AMELL courses approved by the Chair.
  • Literature courses should be in the student's area of concentration (i.e., Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, or Japanese); only language courses beyond the first year count towards the minor; as many as three of the six courses may be language courses.
  • Chinese 52, 53 and above can be counted as a non-language course.