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Alan Aimin Li

Senior Lecturer (Chinese)
BA: Nanjing Normal University
MA and PhD: Clark University

  • Joined the faculty in 2005

Academic Interests

  • Language and culture
    Cross-cultural communication
    Chinese pedagogical grammar
    Language teaching methodology

Selected Courses

  • Chinese 4: Elementary Modern Chinese for Advanced Beginners
  • Chinese 22: Intermediate Modern Chinese (I)
  • Chinese 23: Intermediate Modern Chinese (II)
  • Chinese 41: Advanced Readings in Chinese Commerce and Economy

Selected Publications

  • "Appropriateness in Chinese Textbooks: Cultural Differences in Interpersonal Boundaries in Language Use", In Proceedings of the International Symposium on the Operational Strategies and Pedagogy for Chinese Language Programs in the 21st Century. Taiwan National Normal University, 2005. pp. 228-231.
  • "Revisiting 'tense' in Chinese: issues relating to the expression of past events". In Journal of Yunnan Normal University, Vol.2, 2004, pp. 287-290.
  • International Research on Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. (Co-editor.). Nanjing University Press, 2002.
  • "Making Chinese learner-friendly: a cognitive approach to the teaching of Chinese grammar". In Journal of Nanjing University, Special Edition for Higher Education. 2002, pp. 227-239.
  • "Agency: a cultural perspective underlying language use". In Madeline Chu (Ed.). Mapping the Course Of a Chinese Language Field. Chinese Language Teachers' Association Monograph Series. Vol. 3. 1999. pp. 71-102.