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Mayumi Ishida

Mayumi Ishida

Senior Lecturer (Japanese)
B.A. and M.A. Musashi University, M.Ed., Carthage College

  • Joined Dartmouth in 1993

Academic Interests

  • Integration of computer technology into Japanese language education; development of web-based language materials; incorporation of film into foreign language curricula

Selected Courses

  • Japanese 1, 2, 3: Elementary Japanese
  • Japanese 31, 33: Advanced Japanese
  • Japanese 43: Laughter Brings Prosperity: From Kyogen to Haruki Murakami (2010)
  • Japanese 43: Learning Japanese Through Mystery (2005)

Selected Publications

  • Ishida, Mayumi. "Incorporating Traditional Performing Arts into Japanese Language Curricula" Proceedings of Twenty-eighth Annual Meeting of the Southeastern Association of Teachers of Japanese (2014): 52-62.
  • Ishida, Mayumi. "Asynchronous Feedback: Maximizing In-Class Teaching and Learning Opportunities: Proceedings of Twenty-sixth Annual Meeting of the Southeastern Association of Teachers of Japanese (2012): 120-129.
  • Ishida, Mayumi, "Innovative Uses of Blogs in Japanese Language Pedagogy": Proceedings of Fourth International Conference on Computer Assisted Systems for Teaching & Learning Japanese (2007), 143-144.
  • Ishida, Mayumi and Omoto, Yasuhiro, "Newspaper and Show & Tell in 21st Century Classroom", Proceedings of Conference on Information Technology in Education, Pennsylvania: McGraw-Hill and Addison Wesley (2005), 150-155.
  • Omoto, Yasuhiro, Ishida, Mayumi and Schneider, Keiko, "WebRing: Online Community for Japanese Language Educators", The Breeze No. 26 (2002), 2-3.
  • Website:


  • Distinguished Lecturer Award, Dartmouth College (2006, 2001)
  • Innovative Teaching Award, Dartmouth College (2002)