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Please note - Paleobotany: The Biology and Evolution of Fossil Plants, Second Edition by Taylor, Taylor and Krings is now available. I got mine just the other day, and it's great, all 1230 pages, 2200 illustrations (the majority in color), more than 5000 references, nearly 1000 glossary terms, extensive index etc. You will want to own this one.

A note from the authors

Dear Colleagues:

If you have a copy of our book Paleobotany: “The Biology and Evolution of Fossil Plants” – Academic Press, 2009. Taylor, Taylor, and Krings, we have a favor to ask. In anticipation of a second print run, we would like to pick up any typos, etc. that you might have found while reading. If you could send these in an e-mail message to: tntaylor@ku.edu we would be most appreciative.

In addition, if you purchased a copy of the book in the US from Amazon etc. the International Stratigraphic Chart may be missing as an end paper in the first several pages. If you’ll send me a note, I’ll send that page to you, or you can click on the picture of the book cover that is displayed at our web site listed below, and print a copy of the chart.


Thanks for your help. Tom, Edie and Michael

History of the Paleobotanical Section of BSA

"The Paleobotanical Section of Botanical Society of America is the oldest organization of Paleobotanists in the world. The founding father of the Section in the years of 1934-1936 was Loren C. Perry, then of Cornell University. Paleobotanical contributions at the Botanical Society of America's meetings had customarily been presented before the General Section. Professor Perry initiated discussions of forming a formal organization of the Paleobotany Section. The idea was enhanced by the visit to the U.S.A. of Dr. H. Hamshaw Thomas during the Pittsburgh meeting of the Botanical Society.

The Botanical Society Council minutes for the 30th Annual Meeting, at Washington University, St. Louis, December 31, 1935 - January 2, 1936, include an item: 'The Secretary reported a movement on the part of several of the younger members interested in paleobotany to ask for the formation of a paleobotanical section. The Council informally expressed its hearty approval of such action.' The minutes for the corresponding meeting at Atlantic City, December 29-31, 1936, include an item:'The Secretary reported plans for the organization of a Paleobotanical Section of the Society. The Council voted its approval of the proposal to organize such a Section.'

Whether one accepts the initial decision of the paleobotanists to organize in 1934 , or the final acceptance of the proposal in 1936, the Paleobotanical Section of the Botanical Society of America is the oldest formal organization of paleobotanists in the world."

Excerpted from Alfred Traverse, 1960, Plant Science Bulletin, vol. 6, number 3, p.1.

The Paleobotanical Section, BSA is a member society of AGI, publishers of Geotimes.
The Section is also affiliated with the International Organization of Paleobotany.

If you spot errors or have suggestions, please send a note to Hongshan Wang or Chuck Daghlian.