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Program Organizer Responsibilities Regarding Persons with Disabilities

As a summer program organizer, it is your responsibility to gather information about and include plans for participants with disabilities. It is important to consider the accessibility of your program to presenters, participants and guests with disabilities and to anticipate the need to provide accommodations including auxiliary communication aids and services such as assistive listening devices, alternative print materials, sign language interpretation, captioning, and accessible food service and transportation. The Conferences and Events office is committed to assisting you to assure meaningful access for people with disabilities in all of your programs and events.

At a minimum you should plan to:

1. Include a notice in your program materials
Your registration materials and mailings must include an announcement that describes how a person can self-identify and request an accommodation (their disability and contact information), to whom the request should be made (a contact within your program), and when the request should be made (we recommend at least 4 weeks or more prior to your start date).

2. Discuss special arrangements with the Conferences and Events office
If you find that any of the participants in your program have special needs, it is important that you let us know as soon as possible, but no later than one month before the start of your program. This is necessary so that we have adequate time to make reasonable arrangements for accessible housing and classrooms.

3. Designate an on-site expert
We recommend that you designate someone on your staff as an on-site expert. This individual should be familiar with the needs of your participants, accessible campus features, and other College and local resources. Please note: Safety and Security is unable to provide transportation to any participants. You will need to make the necessary accommodations for all of your conference participants.

Last Updated: 5/4/15