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Background Checks FAQ

Why must I do a background check on my staff?
New Hampshire law requires Youth Skill Camps taking place 3 or more consecutive days to perform background checks on camp owners, employees and volunteers who may be left alone with any child or children before the start of their employment.

What is the State's concern?
No camp staff member with a criminal conviction for any offenses for causing or threatening direct physical injury to any individual or causing or threatening harm of any nature to any child should be left alone with a child or children.

How often do background checks need to be done?
Background checks need to be done annually, even if the employee is returning and had one the prior year.

Do all staff need background checks?
A staff member who has not had the required background check can work directly with a youth if a staff member for whom the background check has been completed is also present.

How much will this cost?
A background check may cost $35 to $200 per person, depending on how much detail and court fees are required.

What else does the law require?

  • The camp's background check policy must be reviewed and updated annually. The camp must make the policy available to NHDES and the public upon request and post the policy to any camp websites and camp social media.
  • The certification period runs annually from January 1 to December 31. The certification fee is $25 per camp per year.
  • The camp operator must maintain an up-to-date listing of all camp staff in a position to be left with children, together with the status of their background check.
  • The camp must submit a completed certification form and fee to NHDES prior to any youth arriving at the camp in each calendar year the camp operates.

What does Dartmouth require?

What options do I have to do the background checks?
Leddy Group
115 Etna Road
Lebanon, NH 03766
Sarah Hastings
603- 727-0102

You can find other options and ratings of companies at Consumer Reports. This link recommends several other background check companies you can visit to see the 2015 reviews of companies.

Where can I find out more about the New Hampshire law?
The statutes pertaining to youth skill camps are RSA 485-A:23 and 24 and can be found online at:
The rules pertaining to youth skill camps are Env-Wq 909 (dated 2014). These rules can be found on the DES website at:

If you have any questions:
Barbara Davis at, (603) 271-2542 or
Jocelyn Weldon at (603) 271-0672

Last Updated: 7/24/18