CLASSIC PANOS: Panoramas from Greece & Turkey

Dartmouth College





In a marshy valley on the eastern coast of Attica lies the archaeological site of Brauron. Named after an ancient hero, Brauron was one of the twelve cities of ancient Attica as well as the home territory of the Athenian tyrant, Peisistratos. The river Erasinos flows nearby, making this location suitable for the residential population it hosted for 2200 years from the Neolithic through the Mycenaean periods. After abandonment in 1300 BC, Brauron saw no use until the 8th century BC, when it became the site of the principal sanctuary of Artemis Brauronia. Legend has it that the priestess Iphigeneia, on orders from Athena, established this cult at Brauron. The architectural remains at the site include a small shrine, generally accepted as the Tomb of Iphigeneia, a three-winged stoa, the temple of Artemis, and a stone bridge of a style unique to Attica in its time. More...

-Megan Harrison