Bank Wires

Incoming Wire Transfer

Outgoing Wire Transfer


Who do I contact if I know that a bank wire transfer or a bank ACH was sent to the College’s bank account, but it doesn’t reflect in my chart string?
You should send an e-mail to with the appropriate information, such as the Originator, sending bank, amount, and an account string, etc.

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How do I get an invoice from a non-US company or individual paid using a bank wire?
Submit the Invoice, Request For Payments, or Miscellaneous Income Payment Voucher as you normally would. You will also need to provide the required banking information to wire the payment. This includes the bank’s IBAN code, SWIFT code, name and address. The beneficiary information needed is: bank account number, name on the bank account, and beneficiary’s address, Clearly specify the foreign currency the payment should be made in and the amount to be paid in that currency.

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