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Independent Contractors

Consultant/Independent Contractor Services

Individuals who render a service and meet contractor conditions established by the IRS. They are not entitled to employee benefits, are not covered by workers' compensation, and their pay is usually not subject to income tax withholding.

Standard Consultant/Independent Contractor Service Agreement:

  • A contract completed between Dartmouth College and the consultant/independent contractor
  • Provides Dartmouth standard terms and conditions
  • Can be written for like services up to one year

What's needed to hire an Independent Contractor:

  • Completed Consultant/Independent Contractor Service Agreement, Addendum checklist, Statement of Work (if appropriate) and a W-9
  • Forms are valid for the period of the work assignment described on the Agreement, up to one year
  • Submit the Purchase Request eForm and attach completed documents
  • Independent Contractor status is reviewed, confirmed, and approved by Procurement

Independent Contractor Process

Last Updated: 10/23/18