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Marye Anne Fox, PhD ’74 (Doctor of Science)

Marye FoxJune 10, 2012

MARYE ANNE FOX, you have been hailed as "one of the nation's most creative physical organic chemists." Your qualities have enabled you to effect policy change on a national scale and molecular change at the nano scale: no idea is too large and no particle too small to occupy your comprehensive vision for science and teaching.

An honored Dartmouth alumna and trustee, you received your Ph.D. in physical organic chemistry at a time when few women were entering the field. Over your entire life's path, your determination and example have paved the way for countless women to pursue careers in science.

When studying here, your mentor, Professor David Lemal, said you had "possibilities." You proved this to be an enormous understatement. You were the first female chancellor of North Carolina State University and the first permanent female chancellor of UC San Diego. One of the foremost innovators in your field, you have secured three patents, published more than 400 scientific articles and five books, and lectured on every continent, including Antarctica.

Your goal has always been to improve the human condition, and this ideal inspired your pioneering work in photoelectric chemistry. Your research has advanced our understanding of renewable energy and laid the groundwork for the solar-powered car.

You have been honored numerous times. You were elected to the National Academy of Sciences and awarded the National Medal of Science, the nation's highest honor for scientists, for redrawing the frontiers of human knowledge. Ever the educator, you cited this honor as a tribute to the graduate students and postdoctoral scholars you mentored over the years.

Marye Anne, your research and the innovations it has engendered have transformed the nature of scientific inquiry in material science, solar energy, and environmental chemistry. In recognition of your extraordinary scientific accomplishments and your outstanding contribution to teaching, Dartmouth is proud to award you the honorary degree Doctor of Science.

President Jim Yong Kim

Last Updated: 8/17/12