Courses to be taught by Prof. Sean Kang in 2017-18:
EDUC 60 - Learning & Education Across Cultures (Fall 2017; Period: 2)
EDUC 62 - Adolescent Development and Education (Fall 2017; Period: 10)
EDUC 58 - Language Acquisition and Development (Winter 2018; Period: 10A)


Other courses previously taught:
EDUC 55 - Applying Cognitive Psychology to Education (Fall 2016)
(at UC San Diego) PSYC 144 - Memory and Amnesia


Interested in being a research assistant in the lab?

If you are a Dartmouth undergrad interested in acquiring research experience in anticipation of grad school, please click on the "Research" link on the menu bar to see if the research conducted in the lab matches your interests. I am happy to accept motivated students as research assistants in the lab, especially students that are psychology majors and/or education minors. Feel free to email me to indicate your interest. Please include the following information: (i) your year in the undergrad programme (e.g., sophomore, junior), (ii) GPA, (iii) the psychology/neuroscience/cognitive science & education courses you've taken. I also recommend that you explore Dartmouth's Undergraduate Advising and Research Office for research funding opportunities.


*The above neuron caricature of me was by courtesy of my friends at bumpybrains.com