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Freedom and Technology

Tech at Tuck
The Tech @ Tuck series at the Tuck School of Business included a panel discussion in support of the theme on "Managing Consumer Data".

The DCF's theme for the academic year 2006-2007 was "Freedom and Technology".  Technology and Freedom are inextricably linked. Technology can be liberating - freeing us from physically hard and time-consuming labor, granting us access to information and knowledge, and moving us about the world. Technology can be equally, often simultaneously, imprisoning. Technology can be used to track our movements, spy on our private lives, manipulate power differentials and create dependencies on tools many of us do not understand. The events in this series examined the nexus of freedom and technology to better understand how humanity and technology may best interact and coexist.

Events in Support of the Theme

Click here to review events that were sponsored in support of the Freedom and Technology theme.

Last Updated: 7/24/18