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Conflict and Reconciliation

Ken Yalowitz, director of the Dickey Center, participates in the Hood Museum's exhibit in support of the Conflict and Reconciliation theme, Felix de la Concha: Private Portraits / Public Conversations.

The aim of the Conflict and Reconciliation theme was to emphasize reconciliation as a method to resolve conflicts no matter what their causes. Conflicts permeate our individual and social relations and may be internal, local, national or international. Reconciliation, viewed as a process of coming to terms with what is, accepting, compromising and forgiving, encompasses all the fields of human endeavor.  As such, the them proved fertile ground for the discussion of questions such as: What makes reconciliation a successful conclusion to conflict? Are there universal processes of reconciliation? Are there conflicts that cannot be reconciled? What innovative methods might be employed in the promotion of reconciliation for conflicts, be they personal, societal or global? From the fall of 2008 through the spring of 2010, the DCF ran a series of events addressing these issues.

Events in Support of the Theme

Click here for events that were offered in support of the theme.

Last Updated: 7/24/18