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Centering the Arts at Dartmouth: Past Events

Throughout the 2012-13 academic year, the Dartmouth Centers Forum presented a wide range of events in support of its theme Centering the Arts at Dartmouth

Events Funded by the DCF and Year of the Arts' RFP Process

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streetsoul dance party
gumboot dancers
Photos and promos from some of the 18 funded programs.

In the two years prior to the Centering the Arts at Dartmouth theme, through a Request for Proposal (RFP) process, the DCF  provided funding to students, faculty, and staff interested in hosting a program based upon the DCF's theme. During the 2012-13 academic year the DCF teamed with the Year of the Arts' Steering Committee to expand funding. Over the course of the year the DCF and YOA Steering Committee provided funding for 18 events. They are listed below, by term, with links to the specific events as provided on the Year of the Arts website.

Fall Term 2012 Awards

Talk: Tunes & Thoughts. A Night With the Underground
Wednesday, October 24th
Proposer: The Black Underground Theater Association

Throwback Dance Party
Saturday, November 3rd
Proposer: Street Soul

A Recital and Orchestra Concert (video)
Saturday, November 10th
Proposer: Paul Finkelstein '13

Winter Term 2013 Awards

Kliptown (South Africa) Youth Program (KYP) Gumboot Dancers

Wednesday, January 20

Proposer: Julia Weber '15

Art+Activism: Poverty and Sustainability in the Mind of the Artist

Open studio January 25, 26, 28; exhibition opening Thursday, January 31

Proposer: Luca Molnar '13

Saturday, February 9

Proposer: Samuel Tan Jun Jie '14

Dream Team
Trio experimental music workshops, performance, and classroom visits

Thursday, February 14 and Friday, February 15

Proposer: Phillip Hermans (gr)

Love Fest
Saturday, March 2

Proposer: Teni Ayo-Ariyo '13

Transgender rap artist Mykki Blanco
Friday, April 26

Proposer: Gabriel Rosenstein

Spring Term 2013

Campus Yarnbombing
Proposer: Callista Womick '13

Girls Night at the Opera
Monday, April 29

Proposer: Bailey Hoar '13

AnyBody Fashion Show
Saturday, May 25

Proposer: Sarah Fernandez '14


Saturday, May 25

Proposer: Jaymes Sanchez '13

Ujima Madness: A Day of Dance
Saturday, May 25

Proposer: Kyle Davy '14

Wednesday, May 29
Proposer: Anne Munger '13

Sugarplum Spring Showcase & Master Class

Wednesday, May 29

Proposer: Katelyn Schultz '16

Child Of the World: A Mixed Racical: A New Original Musical

Wednesday, May 29

Proposer: Daniel Freeman '13

Proposer: Anna Winham '14

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