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Centering the Arts at Dartmouth

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The DCF's theme for the 2012-2013 academic year was Centering the Arts at Dartmouth. We adopted this theme in concert with the Dartmouth's highlighting the academic year as the Year of the Arts at Dartmouth. The opening of the Black Family Visual Arts Center, the 50th anniversary of the Hopkins Center for the Performing Arts and the renovation and expansion of the Hood Museum of Art all prompted this celebration. Each of our member centers devoted some of its programming efforts to celebrating the power of the arts in promoting our various missions.

Our goals for this theme were to spotlight:

  • The benefits of the arts to society and individual achievement;
  • The value and excellence of the arts at Dartmouth;
  • The breadth of arts intersections across campus; 
  • The role of the arts in preparing students for life-long learning; and
  • To engage the entire student body in the arts at Dartmouth.

Event Funding Awarded

In 2012-13, as in the prior two years, the DCF provided funding through a Request for Proposal (RFP) process to students interested in hosting a program based upon the DCF's theme (the YOA Steering Committee offered a separate line of funding for faculty proposals). In 2012-13, the DCF collaborated with the Year of the Arts' (YOA) Steering Committee to fund events during the fall, winter, and spring terms. 

In total, the DCF and YOA Steering Committee funded 18 student events. For more information on these events see the Centering the Arts at Dartmouth: Past Events page.


Last Updated: 7/24/18