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2018 Methods in Neuroscience at Dartmouth (MIND) Computational Summer School: Narratives and Natural Contexts


Organizers: Luke Chang, Jeremy Manning, and Matthijs van der Meer

Advisory Board: Jim Haxby, Dan Rockmore, and Thalia Wheatley

Dates: July 30-August 7, 2018

Location: The Hanover Inn, Hanover, NH

Sponsored by the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, Center for Social Brain Sciences, Dartmouth Research Computing, and Neukom Institute for Computational Sciences at Dartmouth

We are delighted to welcome applications for the second annual Methods in Neuroscience at Dartmouth (MIND) Computational Summer School. The theme of this year’s summer school is Narratives and Natural Contexts.

There has been renewed interest in extending the study of neural and psychological phenomena in highly controlled laboratory settings to more naturalistic paradigms that more closely reflect the rich spatiotemporal structure of the real world.  Bridging this divide requires developing new experiments and analytic methods. The goal of our summer school is to provide a forum for gaining hands-on experience with some of the latest computational tools that can help gain insight into understanding how our brains process naturalistic stimuli and contexts. We will offer a mix of expertise at a broad range of spatiotemporal scales and domains (e.g. behavioral, cognitive, social; circuit, whole-brain, and social networks; etc.). In addition, we will maintain our special focus on training students to use and contribute to open-source tools, data sharing, and other “best practices” for open science.

For more information, please visit our website the MIND website.  

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