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Curriculum Vitae

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Hanover, NH 03755-3514
Phone: (603) 646-2121
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A Few Selected Working Papers:


    Fifty Years Of Growth In American Consumption, Income, and Wages

Do Late Interventions Matter Too?

    Did the Stimulus Stimulate?   and the  Cross state data and do file

    When The Saints Come Marching In: Effects Of Hurricanes Katrina And Rita On Student Evacuees

    Campaigning in Poetry: Candidates Choice of Words in the 2008 Election

What Happens When We Randomly Assign Children to Families

    Public Use Data Set of Adoptees

How Friendships Form

The Nature And Nurture of Economic Outcomes

  Lottery Study

    Peer Effects with Randomly Assigned Roommates

Peer and Social Networking in Job Search

    Slavery and Intergenerational Transmission

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Summer 2008





Sam At Graduation 2006


Arrival of the Sam

Sofia @ Skiway 05

Sam With Appropriate Winter Wear (Compare to Picture of Sofia at Same Age With Same Outfit) 

Sam and Big Sister on Day 1


The Sofia's Tree House


Sofia Enjoying A Healthy Breakfast


Sofia And Parents on Vacation

    The Sofia Circa 10/01

        Sofia and Her Friend Nathaniel (3/02)

            Michele With The Sofia(Age 0)



                                  The Pre-Sofia Era


                                  My Boat



Family Photo

Still More Sofia


cross country at Lake Tahoe
My father at Cornell Navy Whites