I am teaching a new class COSC 89.25 "GPU Programming and High-Performance Computing" in Spring 2020.

I am teaching COSC 70.01 "Foundations of Applied Computer Science" in Winter 2020.

COSC 89.18/189.02: Computational Methods for Physical Systems, Winter and Fall 2019

The Physical Computing course introduces students to mathematical concepts and algorithmic techniques for developing computational approaches to simulate, optimize, design, and control various physical systems. Course topics cover fundamental numerical approaches for modeling and simulating rigid body, soft body, and cloth, as well as design and optimization algorithms for drones and soft robots. The materials will be illustrated using examples and applications from physics-based animation, robot design, fashion design, and 3D printing.

The course website is on http://www.dartmouth.edu/~boolzhu/cosc89.18.html and also Dartmouth Canvas.

COSC 77/177: Computer Graphics, Spring 2019

The Computer Graphics course will introduce students to the mathematical and programatical foundations of modeling, rendering, and animating three-dimensional scenes. Topics include digital image representation, geometric primitives and transformations, lighting and shading, ray tracing, skeleton and skinning, and preliminary physics-based animation. Coursework will consist of short programming assignments (in C++ and Javascript/WebGL), in-class quizzes, assigned readings, and a final project.

The course website is on Dartmouth Canvas.

Previous Courses

I was a guest lecturer for MIT 6.837 “Introduction to Computer Graphics,” MIT S.079 “Computational Fabrication,” and Stanford CS248 “Interactive Computer Graphics.” I was a teaching assistant of Stanford CS148 “Introduction to Computer Graphics and Imaging” between 2012-2014 and CS248 between 2012-2013.


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