Prospective Students

As a newly established research group in Dartmouth Computer Science, we are seeking talented graduate students, postdocs, and undergraduate interns to join us working on exciting research problems in computer graphics, robotics, scientific computing, and computational fluid dynamics (see our research overview).

Prospective Ph.D. students

We plan to seek two exceptionally qualified Ph.D. students in Fall 2019. If you have a strong background in one or more areas I have mentioned above, and are fascinated by the problems we are solving, I encourage you to apply to the Dartmouth Computer Science Ph.D. Program. Students in majors of computer science, applied math or physics, or other related areas are all welcome to apply. All admitted Ph.D. students will receive Fellowship or RA funding support during their studies at Dartmouth.

If you consider me as your potential advisor, please do email me or mention your interest in your application. The admission process is competitive. You are expected to exhibit outstanding academic and research performance related to our group's expertise. As a Ph.D. student in our lab, you will receive rigorous and multi-faceted training to develop your scientific research skills -- as a programmer, a maker, a creator, and sometimes, even as an artist or an aestheticist (yes, an excellent "eye" is important for graphics research). I wish you to be curious and contemplative. Keep you fingers on the keyboard, and stick your mind to solving big problems.

Dartmouth undergraduate and M.S. students

We always welcome and support Dartmouth undergraduate and M.S. students who are interested in gaining research experience in our group. If you are currently studying at Dartmouth and feel interested in the interdisciplinary research we are doing, feel free to send me an email. I will be pleased to schedule a face-to-face meeting with you to discuss your interests, plan, possible projects, and the way you work in our group (e.g., research assistant/summer intern/honors thesis). We prize your creativity, contribution, and the authorship of your work highly, and will give you full support for your future success.

Additionally, I would recommend you to sign up for my classes of Computational Methods for Physical Systems (Winter 2018) and Computer Graphics (Spring 2019), to get you necessary mathematical and programming skills before enjoying your voyage with us.


We currently have a two-year postdoc opening available. Applicants are expected to exhibit expertise and perform research in one (or several) of the following areas:

As a postdoc in our group, you are expected to advance your research projects as well as to develop your academic vision, advising skills, and leadership. You will be immersed in a collaborative and supportive environment (we work closely with colleagues in many top research institutes). Also, I will help you to get ready for your next challenge in your academic career path.

If you are interested in the position, feel free to get in touch by email (with your CV and a brief research proposal).

Visiting students

Our group has multiple openings for external research interns every year. We encourage undergraduate (or M.S.) applicants with strong motivation, proficient programming skills, and an exceptional background in computer science, mathematics, or physics. Ideally, each internship lasts for 3-6 months. The positions are necessarily funded. For students who are interested, please get in touch by email with your CV, a brief description of your skills and interests, and your expected intern duration.

Besides working with our interns to publish quality research, we are always aiming to help students find success beyond their original limits. I had a great experience working with some truly outstanding undergraduates through courses and summer interns, at both Stanford and MIT. Many of them continued their Ph.D. studies at top graduate schools (see for example, Kuan Fang and Yuanming Hu).


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