History of Genetics



The best source on all things related to Gregor Mendel's research on hybrids. This site includes Mendel’s original papers with very useful historical commentaries, such as Robert Olby, s "Mendel, Mendelism and Genetics", Vítezslav Orel’s "Heredity Before Mendel", Jan Sapp’s "The Nine Lives of Gregor Mendel", and Diane Paul and Barbara Kimmelman’s "Mendel in America: Theory and Practice, 1900-1919."

• Profiles in Science
The National Library of Medicine maintains a growing collection of digitial history resources of interest to historians of genetics and molecular biology. Organized biographically, each profile includes a history of that person’s research as well as relevant documents and images. This site currently hosts profiles of Christian B. Anfinsen, Oswald T. Avery, Julius Axelrod, Francis Crick, Donald S. Fredrickson, Joshua Lederberg, Salvador E. Luria, Barbara McClintock, Marshall W. Nirenberg, Linus Pauling, Martin Rodbell, Florence R. Sabin, and Albert Szent-Gyorgyi.




• R. A. Fisher Digital Archive
The University of Adelaide in Australia has created an impressive digital archive of the papers of renowned population geneticist, R. A. Fisher. Fisher’s collected papers and books have been digitized as have some of his notes and a significant portion of his correspondence. Sadly, this may make it unnecessary to visit Australia to research Fisher’s history.


George Beadle and Edward Tatum

Hugo DeVries

Barbara McClintock

Thomas Hunt Morgan

A. H. Sturtevant

Sewall Wright