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Eugenics Archive
This site is an Image Archive on the American Eugenics Movement sponsored by the Dolan DNA Learning Center at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. With contributions from eleven different archives, this site offers hundreds of sources on various aspects of the eugenics movement in the United States during the twentieth century. The site is organized by virtual exhibits ranging from Social Origins to Immigration Restriction. Within each exhibit, explanatory text is presented with thumbnail images of primary source documents. The entire collection is also searchable by keyword or object identification number. The 2,500 objects can also be browsed by topic, type, or time period. Without question this is the best site on the history of American eugenics available today.

• State Eugenics Sites
Recent scholarship on the eugenics movement in the United States have revealed the details of eugenic enactments in different states. Recent efforts to seek reparations for eugenic sterilization are documented at North Carolina’s Eugenic Past (http://www.inclusiondaily.com/news/institutions/nc/eugenics.htm), a site sponsored by the International Disability Rights News Service. Eugenic in Indiana (http://kobescent.com/eugenics/) presents a history of eugenics in Indiana in a series of webpages that include biographies, a timeline, bibliography, and text of the 1907 Indiana Sterilization statute. The most extensive collection of documents on a state eugenics program is offered by Vermont. The Vermont Eugenics: A Documentary History Collection (http://cit.uvm.edu:6336/dynaweb/eugenics/@Generic__CollectionView;cs=default;ts=default;pt=eugenics) presents a set of primary sources from the 1890s to the 1990s. Many of these documents concern Vermont’s sterilization program, but this site also includes letters to national eugenics leaders, such as Charles Davenport. Because the Vermont Country Life Commission played a significant role in the Vermont eugenics movement in the 1930’s, this site contains a large number of documents concerning the efforts of the Country Life Commission.

History of Eugenics Bibliography
This site offers an extensive bibliography of both primary and secondary sources on the history of eugenics. Assembled by Paul A. Lombardo and Gregory M. Dorr, the bibliography is preceeded by a short bibliographic essay.

• RaceSci
This site is dedicated to the history of race in science, medicine, and technology. History of the Concept of "Race" in Science. This very rich site has interpretive and historical essays, syllabi, bibliographies, and links. Of special interest are its bibliography of genetics (http://www.racesci.org/bibliographies/current_scholarship/genetics_new.htm) and its bibliography of eugenics (http://www.racesci.org/bibliographies/current_scholarship/eugenicsnew.htm), which can be searched by time period or nation.

• Institute for the Study of Academic Racism (ISAR)
Created by Dr. Barry Mehler at Ferris State University, the ISAR website contains articles and bibliographies that offer a critical perspective on academic racism, biological determinism, and eugenics. This site offers a number of valuable document collections and profiles of individuals and institutions.

• H-Eugenics