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Screens and Scrolls
Japanese Painting from the Ackland Museum of Art

This exhibition offers a rare opportunity to experience the thematic scope and stylistic diversity of the Japanese painting tradition. A full range of formats brings to life the unique viewing experiences and aesthetic sensibilities of Japanese painting. Majestic folding screens, often used to decorate aristocratic homes and the castles of military rulers, explore a variety of auspicious themes. A wide selection of hanging scrolls depict such subjects as Buddhist devotional icons, Zen landscapes designed to challenge the imagination, Chinese inspired narratives, and even the ukiyo-Japan's "floating world" of pleasure and entertainment. The delightful world of flower and bird themes is explored in both album and scroll formats. Colorfully painted hand scrolls, rendered in the indigenous yamato-e style, offer an especially intimate perspective of both scenes of everyday life and the Tale of Genji, Japan's most well known classical narrative.

Most of the paintings in this exhibition are from the Ackland Art Museum, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Two important Buddhist icons are on loan from The Harvard University Art Museums and two works, an eighteenth-century Tale of Genji scroll and an ukiyo-e painting, are from the Hood Museum of Art's collection.

Allen Hockley, Assistant Professor, Department of Art History
Hood Museum of Art:
Juliette Bianco, Exhibitions Manager
Katherine Hart, Barbara C. and Harvey P. Hood 1918 Curator of Academic
Evelyn Marcus, Curator of Exhibitions
Katherine A. Josephs, Exhibitions Assistant
Visiting Speakers:
Anne Nishimura Morse, Curator of Japanese Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Anne Rose Kitagawa, Assistant Curator of Japanese Art, Harvard University Art Museums
Victoria Weston, Assistant Professor of Asian Art, University of Massachusetts, Boston
Website Design:
Mayumi Ishida, Senior Lecturer in Japanese, Department of Asian and
Middle Eastern Languages and Literatures
Image Scanning:
Janice B. Smarsik, Assistant Curator of Visual Resources, Department of Art History


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