From Art to Artifact:  Making Sense of Roman Coins

Denarius of Julius Caesar

Map of Hoards
Hoards identified by source
RED & GREEN: Crawford
BLACK: Grueber



Coin hoards are the main archaeological record for Roman coins. Hoards are collections of coins hidden by the owner and not found until modern times because the owner died or forgot the hoard’s location. Hoard evidence is useful for analyzing when coins were minted, how many were minted, and how widely distributed they were in the ancient world.

Caesar’s coin is estimated to have been minted an unusally large number of times. The coin has been found in many coin hoards, ranging from modern Spain to Romania, with the majority of hoards found in northern Italy and southern France - then known as Gaul. This evidence suggests the coins were minted and distributed in the early campaigns of the Civil War to maintain the loyalty of his army.