From Art to Artifact:  Making Sense of Roman Coins

The Coin of Julia Titi


Vespasian consolidated the imperial minting system and moved the main minting center for silver denarii back to Rome from Lugdunum. It remained here for the duration of the Flavian dynasty. The coin of Julia Titi was accordingly minted at Rome. Examples of Julia Titi’s coins have been found throughout the Roman Empire from Scotland to the Balkans. While information on the exact locations of hoards containing this coin type is unavailable at the current time, it is a commonly represented type in the numismatic record. More importantly, the Flavians minted coins for distribution outside of Rome at Rome. For example, the Domitia coin listed on the comparanda page was a cistophoric tetradrachm, a type exclusive to Asian provinces. But Domitian minted his tetradrachms, including the Domitia coin, at Rome for distribution in Asia.