Sensing Systems

We have recently shown that the nucleophilic ring opening of the triazolopyridinium salts can be used in sensing applications. The reaction with cyanide yields highly emissive tetrazole derivatives that enable the quick, selective and efficient detection of the analyte. We are currently looking into ways to take advantage of this reaction and the water-solubility of the TOP dyes in other sensing applications. This study will result in a new reaction-based anion sensing mechanism, which is expected to greatly benefit this growing research field.

The modularity and solid-state emission of the BODIHY dyes enabled their straightforward conversion into acid and base sensors. This deed was accomplished by smearing the solid dye on a substrate (TLC plate) and following the changes in emission upon passing TFA and Et3N vapors. We now want to take advantage of these solid-state dyes in sensing, OLED, and photovoltaic applications, and develop them into fluorescent molecular rotors for bio-imaging applications.

Aprahamian Group