Hydrazone-Based Fluorophores

The modularity and straightforward synthesis of the hydrazone-based systems allowed us to develop two different families of fluorophores starting from the same materials. The first family consists of BF2-hydrazone complexes (BODIHY) that exhibit enhanced emission in the solid-state. We recently used these dyes in uncovering a new mechanism we dubbed "Suppression of Kasha’s Rule" (SOKR) that can explain the phenomenon termed "aggregation induced emission". We intend to take advantage of these solid-state dyes in sensing, OLED, and photovoltaic applications, and develop them into fluorescent molecular rotors for bio-imaging applications.

The second family of light emitters that we developed were obtained by the Cu(II)-mediated oxidative coupling of the hydrazones into triazolopyridinium (TOP) salts. These salts emit blue light, have large Stokes shifts and broad emission bandwidths. The focus with this family is their development into efficient blue and white fluorophores that can be used in advanced energy applications, such as light-emitting electrochemical cells and White OLEDs.

Aprahamian Group