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Congrats to Quan and our collabs on the new JACS paper!

Congrats to Mark on his JACS paper!

Congrats to Ivan for being selected a Fellow of the RSC!

Congrats to Baihao, Hai and collabs for their JACS paper!

Congrats to Quan on his JACS paper and spotlight!

Congrats to Jared and Mark for their review on molecular switches in PNAS

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Welcome to the Aprahamian Research Group

Research in the group focuses on using modular, and tunable hydrazone-based building blocks in the development of structurally simple adaptive functional materials, e.g., molecular switches, fluorophores and sensors. For this purpose we utilize synthetic organic chemistry in conjunction with advanced spectroscopic methods.

Our interest in controlling molecular motion and converting it into mechanical work has driven us to the development of new hydrazone-based molecular switches that can be activated either chemically or photochemically. These novel systems are expected to form the basis of various molecular machines and motors that can be used in applications ranging from drug delivery to energy storage.

The group is also developing new hydrazone-based fluorophores (i.e., solid-state BODIHY dyes, and blue-light emitting Triazolopyridinium salts) that can be used in sensing, bio-imaging, and OLED applications, among others.

                          6128 Burke Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH 03755
            Tel: (603) 646-9666; Fax: (603) 646-3946; Twitter: @aprahamian; Email:

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