2022 Honor Roll

The 2022 Honor Roll recognizes alumni and friends whose Dartmouth College Fund cash gifts have been recorded between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022. Their generosity supports the College's vital financial aid program, ensuring that every student can afford to choose Dartmouth. Thank you!

Class of 1951

Anonymous (1) 

Charles A. Blood (Rotman Society Member) (68) 

Marshall Cohen (Rotman Society Member) (58) 

Theodore Corsones (Hal Ripley Society Member) (Rotman Society Member) (71) 

Charles M. Geilich (Rotman Society Member) (68) 

David S. Hall (Rotman Society Member) (68) 

Beverlee Henry 

William J. Leffler, II (Bartlett Tower Society Member) (Volunteer) (Rotman Society Member) (1769 Society Member) (70) 

Lucretia L. Martin (Bartlett Tower Society Member) (Rotman Society Member) (Adopted) (1769 Society Member) (42) 

Peter B. Martin (Bartlett Tower Society Member) (Rotman Society Member) (Deceased) (1769 Society Member) (62) 

John M. McDonald, Jr. (Rotman Society Member) (70) 

Paul R. Meyer (63) 

Ambassador Alfred H. Moses (Bartlett Tower Society Member) (Rotman Society Member) (66) 

Henry Nachman Jr. (Bartlett Tower Society Member) (Hal Ripley Society Member) (Rotman Society Member) (1769 Society Member) (71) 

Milton M. Olander, Jr. (66) 

Andrew L. Pincus (Bartlett Tower Society Member) (Rotman Society Member) (69) 

Fredrik J. Ranney (Rotman Society Member) (67) 

William M. Scott III (Hal Ripley Society Member) (Rotman Society Member) (71) 

Herbert A. Shay, Jr. (Rotman Society Member) (34) 

John G. Skewes (Rotman Society Member) (70) 

Haviland Smith, Jr. (63) 

John W. Smith (66) 

Kenneth D. Smith, Jr. (24) 

William S. Stout (54) 

Elizabeth B. Sutton (Rotman Society Member) (11) 

Richard G. Terry (Hal Ripley Society Member) (Rotman Society Member) (71) 

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