Reinhart's Islamic Studies Resource Guide

There are many many sites on the web to help one with the Study of Islam. Some are resources, others are a chance to hear Muslim voices, some of them unpalatable, some of them very attractive, without the filtering of the American media. I welcome suggestions for other links that students would find helpful.

General Information, Maps etc

Maps of the Middle East and General Information: University of Texas

Glossary of Islamic Terms

"Encyclopedia of the Orient"

Internet Islamic History Sourcebook

Islamic Newsgroups

Contemporary Islamic sites (non-Sufi)

On Shi'ism

Another site on Shi'ism

Mutaqqun Online

Center for Islam and Democracy

Hijacking the Mosque (an antii-Salafi cartoon [thanks YH])

Qur’an and Qur’an-related

Qur'an resources

Browse the Qur'an

Qur'an search

Islam in North America

The Nation of Islam (NOI)

The Sunnah Foundation (of Hisham Kabbani)


Hadith (anecdotes of the Prophet) and Sirah (biography of the Prophet)

Description of the Prophet

The Prophet's Last Sermon

Hadith Tools



Biography and History








On Salah

On Hajj






Other Site Links

Islamic Texts and Resources Metapage: SUNY Buffalo


An Introductory Text to Islam

A Mid-East Blog

Pathways:Guide to Islamic Resources on the Net (very useful)

Religion of Islam (Saudi Govt)

Islamic Law

On Islamic Law

Sufism (Islamic Mysticism)

A General Sufi Site

A Survey of Sufism

A Naqshbandi Tariqa Site

"International Association of Sufism (CA)"

A Sufism Source