Instructor Biography: A. Kevin Reinhart


(There had been some student complaint that the web page did not have a photograph of the instructor. He hopes this will do.)

I grew up in a military family, and so, moved constantly: Five schools before high school; three high schools. My sophmore and junior years in high school, we lived in Ankara, Turkey. Though I attended the American School at Balgat, I was intrigued by Turkey, and by Islam, particularly the meticulously observant (or so it seemed at the time) Islam of our landlord, Ahmet Bey.

I chose the University of Texas, Austin, for my undergraduate program because of its strong Middle East Studies program, and I was not disappointed. I was able to take two years of Turkish, four years of Arabic, and to spend every summer in the Middle East (Casablanca, Morocco; Cairo, Egypt) studying Arabic. My instructors included Peter Abboud, Robert and Elizabeth Fernea, and especially John Alden Williams.

After a year of intensive Arabic in the CASA program, in Cairo, I entered the Ph.D. program in the Study of Religion, Harvard University. There I worked particularly with Wolfhart Heinrichs, Wilfred Cantwell Smith, Muhsin Mahdi, Jane Smith, and John Carman. I was fortunate to live in the Center for the Study of World Religions with a stimulating group of graduate school colleagues.

I finished the program after I had come to Dartmouth (Ph.D 1986). I came to Dartmouth in 1983 and was hired on the tenure-track in 1986, and tenured as Associate Professor in 1992.

My research interests are first and foremost, Islamic law and ethics–particularly legal theory–and rules of Islamic ritual and ritual purity. I have also developed a research interest in Islam in the Ottoman Empire, particularly for the later period.