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Speakers for AI@50

Original 1956 Conference Participants:
John McCarthy (Stanford)
Marvin Minsky (MIT)
Trenchard More (IBM retired)
Ray Solomonoff (London)
Oliver Selfridge (MIT)

Additional Speakers Include:
Ron Brachman (Yahoo! Research)
Rod Brooks (MIT)
Alan Bundy (Edinburgh)
Shay Bushinsky (Haifa)
Eugene Charniak (Brown)
Richard Granger (Dartmouth)
Eric Grimson (MIT)
Geoffrey Hinton (Toronto)
Eric Horvitz (Microsoft Research)
Leslie Pack Kaelbling (MIT)
Takeo Kanade (Carnegie Mellon)
Ray Kurzweil (Kurzweil Technologies, Inc)
Pat Langley (Stanford)
Hector Levesque (Toronto)
David Mumford (Brown)
Nils Nilsson (Stanford)
Peter Norvig (Google)
Edwina Rissland (Massachusetts)
Daniela Rus (MIT)
Stuart Russell (Berkeley)
Jonathan Schaeffer (Alberta)
Terry Sejnowski (SALK Institute)
Bart Selman (Cornell)
Sherry Turkle (MIT)




Conference sessions located in Moore Hall, Filene Auditorium unless otherwise noted



James Moor, Introduction

Carol Folt and Barry Scherr, Welcome

Carey Heckman, "Tonypandy and the Origins of Science"

9AM  AI - Past, Present, Future "What Was Expected, What We Did, and AI Today",
John McCarthy
"The Emotion Machine", Marvin Minsky
10AM Break 
10:15AM The Future Model of Thinking "A Large Part of Human Thought", Ron Brachman and Hector Levesque
"What is the Right Model for 'Thought'?", David Mumford
"The Approach of Modern AI", Stuart Russell
11:45AM Lunch
1PM The Future of Network Models "From Pandemonium to Graphical Models and Back Again", Geoffrey Hinton & Simon Osindero
"From Brain Circuits to Mind Manufacture", Rick Granger
2PM  Break
2:15PM The Future of Learning & Search    "Learning and Education for Software: New Approaches in Machine Learning", Oliver Selfridge
"Machine Learning - Past and Future", Ray Solomonoff
"Learning to be Intelligent", Leslie Pack Kaelbling
"Web Search as a Product of and Catalyst for AI",
Peter Norvig
4PM Break 
4:30PM Movie Preview
Hood Museum, Loew Auditorium
Sneak Preview of "Mind in the Machine - The Discovery of Artificial Intelligence"
a video documentary by Wendy Conquest, Bob Drake, and Dan Rockmore

Reception at Collis Common Ground

Original Conference Participants Reflect on the 1956 Conference 

8PM Banquet at Collis Common Ground 


8:30AM   The Future of AI   "Intelligence and Bodies", Rod Brooks
"Routes to the Summit", Nils Nilsson
"In Pursuit of Artificial Intelligence: Reflections on Challenges and Trajectories", Eric Horvitz
10AM Break 
10:15AM   The Future of Vision   "Intelligent Medical Image Analysis: Computer Assisted Surgery and Disease Monitoring", Eric Grimson
"Artificial Intelligence Vision: Progress and Non-Progress", Takeo Kanade
"A Critique of Pure Vision", Terry Sejnowski
 11:45AM Lunch  
 1PM The Future of Reasoning "Constructing, Selecting and Repairing Representations of Knowledge", Alan Bundy
"The Exquisite Centrality of Examples", Edwina Rissland
"The Challenge and Promise of Automated Reasoning", Bart Selman
2:30PM Break 
2:45PM    The Future of Language and Cognition    "The Birth of Array Theory and Nial",
Trenchard More
"Why Natural Language Processing is Now Statistical Natural Language Processing", Eugene Charniak
"Intelligent Behavior in Humans and Machines", Pat Langley
4:15PM The Future of the Future "Why We Can Be Confident of Turing Test Capability Within a Quarter Century", Ray Kurzweil
4:45PM Break  
5PM Reception and Dinner at DOC House, Occum Pond
7PM The Future Trajectory of AI  

George Cybenko

"DARPA's Perspective", Charles Holland


9AM  AI and Games  "Games as a Test-bed for Artificial Intelligence Research", Jonathan Schaeffer
"Chess and AI", Danny Kopec
"Principle Positions in Deep Junior's Development", Shay Bushinsky
10:45AM Break 
11:00AM Future Interactions with Intelligent Machines "Making Bodies Smart", Daniela Rus
"From Building Intelligences to Nurturing Sensibilities", Sherry Turkle
12:00PM Lunch  

Selected Submitted Papers: Future Strategies for AI

"Self-improving AI: An Analysis", J. Storrs Hall

"The Logicist Manifesto", Selmer Bringsjord

"Is There a Future for AI Without
Representation?", Vincent Muller
2:30PM Break 
2:45PM Selected Submitted Papers: Future Possibilities for AI "Survival as a Digital Ghost", Eric Steinhart

"Did You Leave That 'Contraption'
Alone With Your Little Sister?", C.T.A. Schmidt

"The Status of Machine Ethics", Michael Anderson &
Susan Leigh Anderson

"Computation, Coherence, and Ethical
Reasoning", Marcello Guarini
4:45PM Conference Ends