On July 13-15, 2005, the Dartmouth Artificial Intelligence Conference: The Next Fifty Years was held at the College, attended by 175 participants from all around the world, including 43 PhDs and Post Docs invited as guests to share their aspirations with the experts on the future of AI.

Thirty-one AI experts lectured the morning, afternoon, and evening sessions of AI@50, after an historic gathering in Baker Library on Wednesday afternoon, July 12, to honor the five surviving founders of AI and unveil the plaque commemorating the original Dartmouth Summer Research Project on Artificial Intelligence that created AI as a research discipline in 1956.

Present for that occasion were John McCarthy, back then a Dartmouth mathematics professor who first coined the term "artificial intelligence" to apply for a grant to fund the 1956 conference, along with four other founding colleagues - Marvin Minsky, Oliver Selfridge, Ray Solomonoff, and Trenchard More.

All five spoke at a Friday evening panel on the signficant AI achievements over the first half century, evoking many past "greats" associated with pioneering AI developments - most especially Alan Newell and Herbert Simon, who discussed their Logic Theorist program in 1956 as an early indication of the future for artificial intelligence through digital computer development.

Other lecturers referred often to these AI beginnings, emanating from Dartmouth Hall during that 1956 summer, as they propounded an advancing future for AI in a variety of challenging areas: future models for thinking, networking, learning and search, vision, reasoning, language and cognition, gaming (particularly chess), and human interactions with intelligent machines, such as personal robots.

In addition, a Saturday evening symposium was held at the Dartmouth Outing Club on "The Future Trajectory of AI," under the auspices of the Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency (DARPA), a leading sponsor of AI@50.

For a complete listing of all the AI@50 lectures and panels, as well as selected submitted papers, see the conference PROGRAM (website link). Video of these same lectures and panels is presently being edited by the Dartmouth Media Group, produced by Brock Brower.

On Thursday afternoon, MIND IN THE MACHINE: THE DISCOVERY OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE - a film produced by Dan Rockmore, Dartmouth Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, and documentary filmmakers Wendy Conquest and Bob Drake - debuted at the Loew Theater in Hopkins Center for AI@50 viewers. Inquiries regarding distribution should be directed to Dan Rockmore at rockmore@cs.dartmouth.edu.

ORIGINS OF A SCIENCE: 5Oth Anniversary of Artificial Intelligence - an installation created by Adjunct Professor of Philosophy Carey Heckman, Ben Schiffman '07 and Dartmouth Library staff Ann Perbohner and Dennis Grady - is on display in the Main Hall of Baker Library throughout the summer. There is also a HISTORY OF COMPUTER GAMES EXHIBIT, organized by Danny Kopec '76, a Chess International Master and professor of computer science at Brooklyn College, assisted by reference librarian Jill Cirasella.

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