At Tuesday Night Prayer, student leaders share a brief message and guide a time of reflection and supplication.

10 pm, Rollins Chapel



Interfellowship praise at Thursday Night Worship gives new energy to the week.

10 pm, Rollins Chapel


Large Group

Take a break after a long week with our talented praise team, guest speaker, and fellowship dinner.

4:30 pm, Fahey First


Corn Mazing

A field of towering corn stalks becomes the site of an exciting adventure as your team navigates the paths of The Great Vermont Corn Maze.

Apple Picking

New England foliage is a must-see and on our way to Poverty Lane Orchard in Lebanon, NH, there's no shortage of that classic autumn landscape. On the return trip, you'll have no shortage of delicious apples to snack on back at school.

Thanksgiving Banquet

You'll find more than homemade turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes at our Thanksgiving Banquet. We bring together people from all over campus to share in our celebration of gratitude.

Corn Mazing 2014



On a cozy winter weekend, we pack our sleeping bags and head over to a local church for a refreshing time of rest and fellowship.

Men's/Women's Appreciation

Alternating each year (men one year then women the next), we serve the other half of our fellowship with food and entertainment.

Retreat 2015


Green Key BBQ

Adding to the liveliness of the spring's long weekend, we host a barbecue with burgers and games for alums who are visiting.

Six Flags

Whether carnival games or roller coasters are your thrill-of-choice, Six Flags New England in Agawam, MA will certainly be worth the two hour drive.

Senior Sendoff

As graduation for our class of seniors approaches, we take a moment to give back and celebrate their contributions to our lives and college experiences.

Senior Sendoff 2015