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Faculty Supports


Dartmouth's Office of Outreach helps faculty across the institution develop the broader impacts or community engagement components of research proposals, identify and tap federal, state and institutional resources, and formulate assessment and diversity plans. The Office also coordinates information sharing among Dartmouth’s science outreach partners and programs and communicates the outcomes and societal impact of Dartmouth research. See the Office of Outreach's Policy Corner for current news on funding opportunities.  Support from the Office includes:

  • formulating broader impacts plans that are well aligned with proposed research and faculty interests;
  • defining and tapping necessary resources (expertise, infrastructure etc.);
  • catalyzing and coordinating external partnerships;
  • leveraging faculty time and resources through links with other programs;
  • creating systems and structures that enable faculty to participate in outreach without creating or managing new programs;
  • coordinating information sharing among Dartmouth's science outreach partners and programs;
  • communicating the outcomes and impact of Dartmouth research;
  • offering professional development training on broader impacts topics ("Communicating Research to the Public," Hands-On Science 101") in collaboration with DCAL and our local science center partners.

Developing a broader impacts or outreach plan that is well suited to faculty interests, time and resources is a collaborative effort. Ideally, investigators should contact the Office of Outreach as soon as they begin work on a proposal that requires a broader impacts or outreach component. At a minimum, faculty should contact the Office of Outreach two weeks before the proposal is due. More lead time will result in a better proposal.


Dartmouth's Office of Outreach provides faculty with starting information regarding working with minors.  This information is intended to support faculty in getting started with the paperwork and guidelines for working with minors, especially intended to ensure faculty have the time and resources needed to focus on the outreach activities.  Starting documents include:

Links of Interest:

Dartmouth College Research Guide, Grant Information:

Last Updated: 1/30/17